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Kalina Davidiuk & Dale Waldner — Minted

Kalina Davidiuk


Dale Waldner

Kalina Davidiuk and Dale Waldner

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Our Story

It was a cold winter day when our story began. He was waiting at the table when she walked in. He remembers her red pants and her hair (oh - her hair!) ... she remembers how he grabbed her hand, as it made her feel safe. It was the day that would change everything .. and we look back now on how the universe pulled us together.

Our journey has been unique. We met later in life, after many life experiences that changed us, and shaped us into the humans we are today. It was not perfect .. we struggled to overcome obstacles that younger couples may not encounter. Life can taint the soul - but the wisdom we have achieved is the reason we have such a strong bond today. It is so clear that our paths were headed towards each other from the beginning ... we just had to live and learn to prepare for each other. The first clue - we were born on the same day, exactly four years and 25 minutes apart. How's that for destiny?

Then, on a fall day not far after, Sullivan was born and made us parents. From the beginning we learned to be teammates, survivors, but mostly importantly - friends. And before long our little spit-fire, Savannah came along and made our little family complete. Each with our mini-mes, each with the life we always dreamed of, each with the person we never knew we needed so much.

February 25th, 2016 marks the day that we met - we still remember how we felt that day. How we didn't want the night to end .. how we could talk for hours like we had known each other for years. We call that day our serendipity.