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Kalina Davidiuk & Dale Waldner — Minted

Kalina Davidiuk


Dale Waldner


Info on all the things

How do I RSVP?

Go to the RSVP tab. Enter your first and last name. If your name does not come up, look under the black YES bar and click on "Not you? Pick a different name." Choose the number in your party. Answer the below questions for "each" person in your party as we are hoping to gather information on individual preferences. If you are bringing a guest that is not searchable under the RSVP section, please notify us so we can add their name to our list.

When is the RSVP deadline?

We would love to hear if you're able to attend our wedding by April 15th.

How do I get to the Blackbarn?

Under the EVENTS tab there is a link to the directions.

When and where is the shuttle leaving?

See the TRAVEL tab for information regarding shuttle times and pickup locations.

What is acceptable attire?

Wedding casual attire. Please no flip flops or ripped clothing. We advise against heels for the ladies due to the grass ceremony.

Is there an ATM on-site for the cash bar?

No. Unfortunately there is not an ATM onsite. Please plan accordingly for the cash bar.

Can I bring my kids?

Unfortunately not. As much as we love your kiddos we are hoping to offer you a night off. The only children that will be at the wedding will be ours and their cousins.

Are the ceremony and reception in different locations?

No. We are happy to inform you that the ceremony and the reception are both at the Blackbarn. Once you arrive you will not have to leave until the night is over.